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I'm 11 years old. I'm a Honor-roll student at Fellowship Elementary.
I'm very active in my school's activities.
I'm a 4-H officer. I was made the 4-H Queen in my 5th grade class.
I'm currently raising chickens for the State Livestock Show at LSU.
I have received blue ribbons in the past for raising chickens. I have also received blue ribbons for
my little toy poodle at the pet show contest and for making cupcakes in the Parish Fair contest. I'm also in FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) and very active in the DARE program.
My teacher is very kewl and sweet. She has taught me a lot this year. She makes school fun!  I would also
like to add that last year my school (Fellowship Elementary) was ranked above national average, and was named "School of Academic Achievement" :)
My parents are pretty kewl too, my Dad works a lot. But always seems to be there when I need him. He is very active with all of my activities. For the past two years he's been the assistant coach of my softball team.
He also got to come to all of my basketball games at school this year. :) My Mom is a homemaker. She always makes sure I do my homework and keep my room clean. I have a little brother, he's 5 years old.
He's your typical brother (he can be a pain sometimes). My favorite TV and movie stars are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They are so kewl!! I have over 45 of their books and over 10 movies.
I'm also in their fun club and have other items of theirs such as the 2000 calendar, posters
and the Michelle talking doll (1990).  I wish to one day get to meet them!
Here are some other of my favorite things:
fav sport: basketball, softball and baseball (go cubs!)
fav song: "crazy"
fav singer: Britney Spears (she rocks!)
fav color: purple and green
fav singing group: Back Street Boys (they rule)
fav TV show: I love TGIF
fav book: Mary-Kate and Ashley books
fav movie: grease and Passport to Paris
fav food: pizza
fav snack: popcorn
friends: Brittney (she moved away, I miss her a lot) Calee, Laniey, Lacy and S

This is a picture of the Michelle talking doll

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